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Work Bench for the Garage - What Features Does a Great Work Bench Have?

A bench grinder is an critical piece of gadget, and if used nicely can perform numerous critical duties within the workshop. These bench grinders can be unmarried or 3 phase. Both bench grinders and pedestal grinders are to be had having wheel diameters of from 6 to 14 inches. This widely recognized line additionally consists of diamond wheel and carbide device grinders and abrasive belt grinders. Some designs of the abrasive belt grinders are provided with a 3 position tiltable belt.

Baldor Bench Grinders

Baldor grinders are available in a spread of sizes starting from 6", 7", 8", 10", 12", and 14". These are built for heavy obligation grinding and supplied with two wheels. Can have exhaust type or non exhaust kind guards. They can also have solid iron or stamped metallic tool relaxation and can be bought as a deluxe version with water pot and tool tray.

Baldor Buffers

Baldor buffers range in size of ¼ horsepower to a husky 7-1/2 horsepower. These buffers are designed to be used with soft cloth wheels. Single-phase buffers are designed for 60 Hz operation, while all three-section buffers are appropriate for both 50 hz or 60 hz. All buffers have a three-12 months warranty backed from Baldor.

Baldor Sanders & Grinders

Baldor's Industrial Belt Grinders are used for instant material removal when shaping and deburing gadgets. Baldor sanders/grinders are to be had in both unmarried or three segment, and has an adjustable cast iron tool rest. Supplied with one eighty grit belt. Belt is adjustable in three positions, vertical, 45 degree, and horizontal.

Also available is a aggregate abrasive belt sander/grinder. One aspect is an eight" grinder with forged iron exhaust-type guards, the alternative features our three role abrasive belt sander. Supplied with one 36 grit wheel and eighty grit belt.

Baldor Tool Grinders

The Baldor Carbide device grinder is used for polishing Carbide tipped or excessive speed steel gadget equipment. Precision built, for precision work, powered with the aid of half of HP reversible Baldor motor in either unmarried or 3 phase.Supplied with tool mild on swivel mount and water pot with spout and faucet.

Polishing Grinders/Lathes

Baldor polishing lathes have capabilities favored via Dentists, dental lab technicians, jewelers, lapidary and others for precision, trouble-unfastened sharpening. All lathes are furnished with 8-foot cord with plug, rubber toes and heavy creation to minimize vibration, provisions for mounting to a laboratory bench are furnished as properly.


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